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♥ my dreams

I'd like fill in this post with the list of my present dreams and share them with you:
♥ at first make me serene and untroubled - 90% achieved, well done!
♥ feeling well with myself, 90% achieved, well done!
♥ getting home before 30s, just achieved - well done!
♥ to find a good and satisfactory job, 80% got, well done but I wanna improve this point!
♥ to fall in love: I mean falling in love 200%!! ahahahah
♥ I wanna live, live and live, i need feeling alive!!
♥ I'd like travel more, what's plan through November? London and Seville, 80% got but I need working on more assiduosly. Next trips? Istanbul, Nordic countries, Barcelona or a cute place where spending 2 days like south of Spain.

This list is "work in progress"

I've just found this thinking on a blog and I like share them with you:

"[..] vorrei che ci provassimo, te ed io, perchè non ci proviamo?vorrei dirti che a vederti sorridere non capisco più nulla e mi sento fischiare le orecchie dalla contentezza. vorrei abbracciarti, e provare come un senso di vertigine." come un senso di vertigine.

"[..] dormo poco e male, ultimamente.ma quel poco che dormo, sogno te."

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  1. solo grazie : )
    (la cosa più bella di una settimana triste)



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