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♥ Cooking School (at break lunch)

When I read about it I immediatly thought "Its a really brilliant idea, I can't miss it of course! I must try". Today its my first lesson, I'll take my first cooking curse and am very keen on this special and fast course (just 30 minutes). I keep my fingers crossed. I'll be back to you with lots of feeds on this after lunch!!
Jesus!It was really interesting and so yummy!! I'll update this post later...

Ingredients 4 people:
400 gr Spaghetti alla chitarra Barilla
380 gr Mussels
600 gr Clams
600 gr Squids
150 gr Prawns
250 gr Fresh Tomato
150 gr Onion
1 Glass White wine
1 Glass extra Vergine Oil
Oregano, Galic, Parsley as much as need


• Put oil in a pan with garlic and minced parsley • Add seafood (mussles and clams precleaned) and then add the white wine. Cover till they will be opened.• After this turn off the fire. Put another pan on the medium heat with oil and onionn preminced • Add squids (julienne) and prawns (without shell) later add tomatos cut in 2 parts. Cook shortly and add mussles&clams).• In a pot cook the pasta followed this rule: 1000 100 10. 1000 water, 100 pasta, 10 salt! • Strain it and dress with the sauce. Finish this dish with a circle of oil.

Trust me they are very easy making, quite light and really delicious and flavoured!! Try it and let me know.

For more info: ♥ Academia Barilla

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